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From: Adrian Gil
Subject: Eighteen Year Old StudI received such good responses from my last post that I have decided to
continue recording my past and new adventures. For those that have read my
posts for the first time you can find my first post here:/nifty/gay/encounters/wham-bam-thank-you-manAnd here is my intro: I have decided to write down encounters I have had
over the years. All details are accurate and true, the only inaccuracy may
be the timeline since I am recording this several years shy young nudes after the event but
I will try to be as accurate as possible. All details and legal
jargon/disclaimers apply. if you like this contact me at the email below
and provide some feedback, love to hear what you guys have to say. Bare
with me on the writing, this is my 2nd record and hope it gets better as
far as steamy details etc as it goes on.This specific encounter took place when I was about 19, so that would be
circa 2002. by now I had had my share sexy young schoolgirl of guys, the internet had opened a
whole new world of sex that made it easy to find someone to mess around
with.A little about myself first...i am hispanic, my parents were born in mexico
and i was born in the US after my parents moved here in the late 70's. I
think i am cute, by no means a hottie, even though i have been told many
times, but i would peg myself at cute to be more accurate. I am blessed to
be tall, 6ft, and while not toned and cut, i have a slender sexy young moms
body, a bit
more on the soft side, but well porportioned due to my height. as for what
is between my legs, i have 8 thick uncut inches that i was blessed with.So I had been chatting with this guy online, this was in the olden days
when chatrooms were huge on yahoo, remember those days? Before people were
weary about online predators and stuff? Quite honestly I would not have
minded being a victim of an online sexual predator earlier in my life, as a
side note, promise I will go back to my story in a minute but I will take a
minute and share a childhood memory simply because it makes me hot russia porn young to think
about it.When I was about 8 I would say, I was being baby sat by a neighbor, and in
those days children were allowed to run around with no supervision
practically, no one really got kidnapped or anything like that, it was a
different time. I wondered over to the babysitters neighbors house, he had
a bb gun and as an 8 year old boy, of course I was interested in a bb gun!,
he asked me if I wanted to try it out and I said sure, he lined younger girls pictures up cans at
the end of his garage and then he had me lay on the floor, aim and shoot,
forwhatever reason he had a piece of carpet in the garage, he obviously did
not use it to park his car. I kept missing the targets, so he came youngest fucking movies
laid next to me and "helped me russian sex young
aim", I still missed, so he got closed, and
literally laid on top of me, he put his arms around mine and helped me
shoot at the targets, all through this process I could feel his cock
getting hard through his clothes and he slowly grinded into my ass. I
didn't think anything of it, I just knew that forever reason I amateur young nudist thought it
was hot, perhaps it was the idea of an older male expressing interest in me
or me showing early sings of what would be a very gay life. Nothing ever
happened beyond that, but thinking back, I kind of wish it had, I do not
find child molestation hot, its just the idea of me being taken advantage
of that makes me find it hot for myself, which points towards my very
submissive role that I like to be in.Ok, back to my original story...so I had been chatting with guys online for
sometime and hooking up with strangers, and while by now it had been about
a year that I was introduced into my gay sexuality I really had not fully
accepted my status of being a submissive slutty bottom, I still for the
most part kept to toping, I mean I do have an 8 inch uncut thick cock, so
since I had the tool it only seemed natural, and oral. My very first
encounter with popping my cherry had left me a bit traumatized and I wasn't
so sure that being a bottom was all that it was hyped up to be. While I had
tried again since then, no actual young teens nude hundred percent pleasing experiences that
left me craving more, bottoming had become something I did if I thought the
guy was hot and the as a final tool to get him to sleep with me.So at the age of 19 I found myself talking to this 18 year old latin guy
online. Now I don't have a type, while I do prefer my white boys, any race
will pretty much do, ive tasted the different colors of the rainbow to know
that there are good fucks in all spectrums, but this specific guy was 18
and latin, we chatted russia porn young online for a bit, found out he had a girl friend, he
claimed he wasn't gay and just wanted to get together and have me blow him.
He was a cute one, about 5"10, thin, toned, with a beautiful 7 1/2 inch
thick uncut cock, he dressed like a cholo and was bald, which made him only
hotter. Neither one of us could have people over at our house so we
decided to meet somewhere and take it from their. He told me to meet him
at the dennys parking lot by his house and gave me cross streets. Once I
got there, I parked and texted him, he said he was on his way, and asked
what I was driving, figuring we would be messing around in the car, I had
taken my parents suv, with tinted windows. For a minute I panicked, you
always hear of gay bashers making arrangements with false pretenses and
have a gay meet them, then they attack him and beat him up. Since he was a
"homeboy" I feared that this may be one of those cases, of course, this did
not stop me, funny how my hormones manage to override my fears all the
time.I had parked in the back, next to a wall, near a dark corner and finally I
see a dark hooded figure walking towards my suv, he is wearing a hooded
sweater and baggy jeans, typical macho homeboy look, which turned me on
even more, made me wonder, how this cutie could be gay. He came over to the
drivers side and we exchanged knowing glances, he rounded the suv and
hopped into the passengers side.We exchanged basic pleasantries and once we were ok with what we both
looked like we seemed to relax. For those that have met people off line in
the past, not Critine young everyone looks like the picture they originally give you and
you can really have a young fresh teenz bad experience. We were not sure where to go, but
since the parking lot seemed pretty private and dark we decided that would
be a cool place to mess around and moved to the back seat.Once in the back seat he pulled his baggy jeans down, and started to pull
his boxers down, checkered, I still remember, (side note, i know i have ,a
lot of side notes, but i feel that they add to story by giving you an
inside view of my thoughts, I have a huge under wear fetish, to the point
where i have secretly taken dirty underwear from some of my hookups when
given the chance, always hot to sniff while i jerk off later, sometimes
they will even volunteer a pair that they have used to shoot their load in
while they jerked off, the dirtier or shall i say muskier the
better. especially boxers and boxer briefs, i know it sounds weird, but i
find a guy wearing nothing but boxers a million times hotter than a full
naked one) so I stopped him, told him not to pull them down, he was fucking teen young
looking for a blow job, which I was more than happy to oblige. I pulled
his 7 young 12 porn
1/2 inch cock out through the slit in his boxers and lowered my head
to his cock, beautiful, i could smell the faint aroma of piss from running
around all day, that musky smell that hits you, not dirty, just manly,
someone that has not showered all day, but still maitains good hygene, hot!
I started drooling before I even put my tongue to the tip of his cock.I took hold of his dick, and wrapped my hand around it, pulling the skin
back and exposing the head, lowered my mouth and swirled my tongue over his
slit tasting the faint stale taste of piss, he moaned, I placed my tongue
at the base of his shaft and ran young pussy porno my tongue up his cock back to the tip, I
settled into a full blown blow job, swallowing his cock, swirling my tongue
around as he slows face fucked me, I had not become a deep throater yet,
but I did my best. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me
further down on his cock, my eyes started watering, but I didn't really
care, I just wanted to get him off. he was leaking precum, and I could
taste it as I swirled my tongue around his cock and was looking forward to
taking his full load.He moved his hand from my head to my ass, since I was doing such an eager
good job on his cock I young loita movies guess he figured I needed no guidance, and I did
not, I was like a hoover attached to that thick, uncut veiny cock, just
sucking as much pre-cum juice as I could.He started groping my ass, to which I was surprised. Given that he had a
girlfriend, acted all macho, and only requested head I figured this would
be one of those cases where I would just blow him and he would shoot and
go. But he started to play with my hole, asked me if I had ever been
fucked. I told him a couple times, he asked me if I wanted to get fucked,
sadly at the time I turned it down. Like I said, I had still not come to
full terms with my slutty bottom side. I pulled up for air off his cock
and again he did something that surprised me.He put his arm around me and pulled me in for a kiss as he jerked his cock
with the other hand. it was hot! young cholo stud, making out with me, as
he jerked his cock, and i played with his chest, smooth, wanted to eat him
up, literally....he then moved his hand, up my back, grabbed the back of my
head and pushed me back down on his cock,...he was leaking gobs, i felt the
tip of his cock touch my lipes and a gem of cum had formed, i lapped it up,
pulled the skin back and swallowed his cock, i young teens nude wanted to give him the best
blow job ever! next time his girl was giving him head, i wanted him to
think back to me sucking his gorgeous cock....i worked hard to control my
gag reflexes and swallow as much of his cock as i could as he continued to
leak sweet cum down my throat...i came up for air and he took this opportunity to surprise me yet again, he
grabbed my cock, which by now was a raging 8 inches stiff hard! and he
started blowing me, i was in heaven, he scrapped my shaft with his teeth younger girls pictures a
bit, and i could tell it was not usually one of his best talents, but i
didn't care, i had an 18 year old "vato" slobbering all over my cock. after
a bit, he pulled off my cock and i went back to work on his, salivating,
working the balls, nipping at the foreskin, taking in as much as i could,
he finally started getting close, and all of a sudden he said, "im cumming"
grabbed my head and kept in in place as i felt his cock young nudist kid pulse and shoot a
sweet load into my mouth, i swooshed it around my mouth, and openned my
mouth to show him my mouth full of his load, swallowed it and went back to
clean his cock, every drop, getting sexy young moms under the foreskin.We hooked up several more times for oral, always the same, always got a
healthy load, sometimes he would see me right after he had fucked his girl,
still some pussy juices on his cock, i think he got off on it and that only
made it hotter for me too.So young farm girls
the oral went on for a few weeks, we would hook up in the car about once
a week, he still tried to pussy young forced
get in my ass...then one day he hit me up, said
he pussy young forced wanted to fuck me, again, i deflected and offered oral, he said he would
pass, that he wanted some ass, i was so horny that i finally gave in.we met again in the same spot, but this time we drove to a more darker
area, residential. it all started off the same, i blew him, he blew me,
kissed me, all the while he was working a finger into my hole, stretching
me out, he was a bit rough, but i didn't care, honestly, he was such a
hottie that i would have let him pretty much have his way. he young gils sex
worked two
fingers into me, and when he had me nice nd ready to go he pulled them out,
and whipped out a condom, in the meantime i lubbed up my hole. we were in
the back of an suv, but its still hard to have sex in a car, i got on all
fours, ass in the air, face towards the window, i had put on sweats that
day, with no underwear to make it easier, he got behind me and slid the tip
of his cock up and down my crack, he positioned it on my hole and pushed
in, like the first time, i took a deep breath in, god damn, it hurt, i was
starting to wonder when this would start to feel good! or if it hurt every
single time. i pushed him out and took deep breaths, giving me a second to
relax, being the eager horny stud that he was he didn't young teens nude give me much time,
he was back trying to get into me.....he plunged in, and i guess that from
the first attempt i managed to relax cuz he slid in with ease, and it
started feeling really good, i could feel his cock stretching my hole,
pistoning in, felt great! he wanted to fuck me on my back, so he had me lay
on my center consul between the front seats while he was in the
back. majestic! now i could rub his chest, and have the view of a hot stud,
with his tshirt pulled over his head, and his cock drilling into me. and
that's when a car turned the corner, and he freaked, and pulled out, and
ducked,after the car went by, he had lost his hard on, and he was a bit spooked,
for a second there i thought that was it, i was too horned up to let it go,
so i pulled off the condom and started young lilies blowing him again, normally i don't
like the taste of a condum, but he was hot, and i was horny...thing is, we
didn't have another condom, that was the only one, took him 2 seconds to
get back to raging hard, he told me to lay back on the consol, he got
between my legs, legs touching the roof of the car, and he slid in, my
first taste of bare cock! for a second there my mind had flashes of safety
first, safe sex, stds, but just for a second, for a longer moment, my
ranging hormones and stiff cock, made my ass clench and milk his cock for
all it was worth, young fresh teenz fearing anotherr interruption, he went for the gold, it
felt so good, warm, unwrapped cock slidding in and out of my hole, pounding
me, hitting my prostate, i could feel the walls of young preten nude
my ass clenching his
stiff dick, he grunted "im cuming" fearing he may pull out and throwing
caution to the wind, i wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in
deeper, as his ass clenched, i could feel his cock throbbing, and a load
squirting into my hole, hot! my first bare load, and it was from a freaking
stud! once he burst, he slid out, i got back on his cock, and cleaned it
up, every drop.things went on like this for a few weeks after, he would fuck me, then his
gf, or vice versa, it was dirty, but somehow that made it hotter. he
eventually got his girl pregnant, and i stepped in amateur young nudist to take care of his cock
during this time, taking regular loads from him, but once his kid was born,
things changed, he went on this whole "im not gay theory, and that he was
no longer hooking up" still see him online sometimes, would still love to
get back on his cock, maybe one day, after all, who doesn't like a dilf?if you liked what you read hit me up with feedback at
sexualdeviant11gmail.com, i have plenty of stories so depending on
feedback i may write more on my sexual encounters
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